KLC: 8 Months

Welcome to month update #8, international edition.

8 months

KLC cooperated a little better for the lying-supine picture, though she would like you to know that this is by no means where she stays once she is placed on the floor.  She is a moving machine!  As her 8th month began, she was just starting to pull up on furniture.  She worked on perfecting that skill and moved on to the staircase a couple of weeks later.  She doesn’t sit still for long, but she does self-regulate her independence and stays within sight of momma or whichever friend or family member is watching her.  We’re grateful.

Her babbling seems to have turned into some mimicking, and she will babble back and forth with a person for a little while.  She also has started to think about waving and reaches her hand out when meeting or leaving new people and mimics “buh-buh.”  (sometimes.)

I’ve been thinking of writing a separate post on her eating habits to follow up my “Feeding My Baby” series now that she’s picking up the pace with solid foods.  The short summary is that she really has the hang of eating now!  She LOVES fruit and doesn’t turn up her nose to much at all.  A goal for month 9 is increasing her solids intake and making it a very consistent part of every day so she can make good use of both of those little teeth (the 2nd bottom tooth came in this month!).  I’m not super excited about consistently feeding her solids because of the ant situation in the apartment and the inherent messiness of solid foods, but I’m sure we’ll find a way to manage.

The dislike list is still pretty short.  She sometimes forgets how to sit back down after pulling up on something and complains to get some assistance.  She’s still not consistent in her napping.  For the first time, she seemed to have a panicked reaction to something.  She was introduced to two energetic fur ball dogs at an uncle’s house, and she flipped.  It was odd, and we’re grateful nothing else, including other animals, has elicited that response.

The 8th month brought a lot of activity: the second half of our Wisconsin visit, a week in Kingsport including momma’s 30th birthday, our longest family road trip for a week in Michigan, another week in Kingsport, two nights in Atlanta, and two nights on Tybee island celebrating Aunt A.  No wonder she’s a little messed up on her napping schedule.

The 8th month also brought a lot of change: two days ago, KLC’s family moved to the Bahamas.  Thus far, mom and babe have stuck close to the condo, but we have plans to venture out this afternoon in search of something to cook for dinner.  The cars drive on the left here, so it will be an adventure.

We are incredibly grateful for all of the wonderful experiences we’ve had this summer, all of the people we’ve been able to connect with, and all of the smooth and safe travel.  We look forward to adjusting to our new island life and the continuing development of our sweet baby girl.  (And KLC’s 3rd wedding and debut as a flower baby! Aunt A!)


3 thoughts on “KLC: 8 Months

  1. Welcome to driving on the left side of the road. I wonder how drivers in the Bahamas compare to drivers in Uganda!! Love your apartment & I can’t believe KLC is so BIG & doing so much. She’s advanced like her smart parents! Love you

    • We should start a joint blog, “Adventures of Driving on the Left Side.” First attempt: fail. A downpour came just as I got the key to the borrowed car and got the car seat down the stairs.

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