Moving In, Getting Settled: Home Tour



Hello again, friends.

I snapped a few pictures today to document how the condo looked as we first arrived (plus all our bags and boxes) as I did when we were first settling in Houston.  Since it’s already furnished, I’m not sure how dramatically it will change over time, but at least I could take another set of pictures some day with the toys picked up.

First up, the living room:
IMG_0164The main living area is open and modern with built-in bookcases and a nice, comfy sectional.  The entire condo is surrounded with floor-to-ceiling windows.  The blinds in this room are mechanical and seem to scare KLC a little bit when the motor is running.  The bedrooms both have heavy black-out curtains.

Thank you, Interior Designers.  You’re My Favorite.  


The Mother of a Small Child.

And the kitchen:
IMG_0165The kitchen is nice!  All of the appliances are Euro-esque and slightly smaller than American appliances.  The dishwasher is my main fascination because it has 3!! levels of racks.  The top rack is for the silverware.  It is a very interesting design.

As my father-in-law says, there’s no complaint department here, but an added bonus of living here is a very clean kitchen.  If you don’t clean up dishes immediately, tiny ants emerge from thin air and start dancing the macarena.

Wasn’t the company so nice to give T the fancy flower arrangement to welcome him?

On to the master bedroom:
IMG_0166Do you like my little helper?  At this stage, she crawls around after me wherever I go to make sure I don’t get into any trouble.

The master bedroom has a nice, large king-sized bed and built-in closets on the wall not pictured.  It also has fewer boxes now than were in this picture.  One box that I unpacked was full of hangers wrapped in paper.  Professional movers = you never know what you’re going to get.  Even though the bedroom is not large, I think it has more storage than our bedroom in Houston had.

And the master bath:

IMG_0168The bathtub is reeeeallly big.  The other interesting feature of the room is the door to the left.  It slides and covers either the toilet area or the shower but not both.  Also, there is zero storage in the entire bathroom other than an open wire rack.  Creativity will come into play here.

KLC’s room:



So far, her room is the least unpacked.  Strike that.  I haven’t unpacked anything in here.  The bed/futon was made before either of us came, and T unpacked the crib and the glider and the changing table.  Doing things in the baby’s room is a particular challenge for me as most of my organizing time comes while she’s asleep.

The guest bath:



We love that we have a 2nd bathroom here.

We also have a small utility room with a washer and dryer.  I’m not going to post the picture I took of it because SRSLY, who hasn’t seen a utility room before?  (I just told my sisters that SRSLY is my favorite texting abbreviation, so I’m glad I could sneak that in.  It makes me giggle.)

Oh yeah, here we are being cute, waiting for daddy to get home from his first day of work:

image❤ from Paradise.




8 thoughts on “Moving In, Getting Settled: Home Tour

  1. WOW she has your eyes!!! And her facial expressions are amazing, the camera loves her. I predict you’ll have your hands really full in about ten years.

    The place looks lovely, thanks for sharing.
    Can’t wait to see what you learn as you explore the islands.

    • Thanks, Catherine! She really is expressive. And even if she’s upset, she will turn on the charm for the camera. She is definitely going to keep us busy!

  2. Are the wine glasses stored on the hanging fixture in the kitchen or is that just decoration?

    I’m glad I can sort of picture your place now! Excited to visit 🙂

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