I am feeling very celebrated by friends and family as I enter a new decade.  Our C family threw a birthday dinner for myself and T (his 30th was in April) last week, T coordinated get-togethers in Kingsport this weekend and tonight, and I’ve been having video chatting dates with friends in other parts of the country for the past four evenings.

As I woke up this morning, I reflected on the birthdays of my 20s.

29: Pregnant, Day after A&H’s wedding in Pasadena, Gorgeous morning on the beach at T’s family friend’s house, Dinner with friends in Menlo Park @ the W’s house

28: Engaged, Dinner in San Francisco w/ a few friends (much hazier recollection of this year)

27: In Palo Alto, Homemade Ice Cream party w/ SFSH @ the Bungalow coordinated by roommate J, T “makes his move” and showers me with gifts and thoughtful gestures in hopes of renewing our relationship (it worked), Phone call from Indonesia where baby K was living for the summer

26: In Palo Alto, Southern Jumbalaya feast @ the Bungalow cooked by roommate E and facilitated by roommate J, days after my car had been totaled on I-880, so I was working from home for the week

25: In Palo Alto, two months after moving from Tennessee, dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse w/ T followed by surprise birthday dessert w/ J and E (?) and the B family (?) at Cheesecake Factory

24: In Kingsport, Picnic at Bays Mountain, JB cake and Dad made a ham (why do I remember these random things?

23: Hazy, though apparently I had a bday dinner with work friends in Kingsport based on a few lingering emails, Here’s a snippet of one from a handsome long-distance boyfriend:

 …Despite the distance, I think our relationship has grown and I’m excited for it to continue to grow and to continue to learn more of the amazing things about you.  You’ve been a big part of my life for the last 6 years, over a quarter of our lives, and I am very grateful for that and for you….  I wish I could be there to celebrate with you, but know that I’m missing you and thinking about you all day.  Happy Birthday!


22: Took the day off from my new job at Eastman, Spent driving from Kingsport to Louisville to help B&H move into seminary, Dinner w/ B family (old friends from Minneapolis) at Old Spaghetti factory in Louisville, Awesome cheesecake gift from T that narrowly escaped melting in the 90+ degree heat since no one was home to receive the delivery

21: Interning in Lexington, M and her roommate K drive down from Cincinnati for dinner at Johnny Carino’s and surprise me w/ a friend hiding in the trunk of the car, drove to Louisville to fly to Norfolk to be a bridesmaid in friend E’s wedding

Welp, that was more than you probably wanted to know!  I try to add at least one picture to every post, and guess what.  I don’t have any pictures of my own birthdays (who takes pictures of those anyway??).  I know we have great pics from last year, but I’m not finding the originals.

So here’s a picture of my totaled car from the week of my 26th birthday in 2009:


and a not-very-high resolution picture of the revelers from last year’s dinner in Palo Alto:

bday2011On to another year!

P.S. Scheduled video chats for my birthday = huge success.  T sent out a link to a google doc where scattered friends could sign up in time slots between KLC’s bedtime and my bedtime.  I’ve had the chance to connect with 12 or so friends this way over four nights, sometimes in groups, and everyone has seemed to enjoy them.  All want to keep up with this way to connect on a regular basis.

P.P.S. I have 7 facebook friends that share my birthday.  Whoa.

P.P.P.S. Who would be interested to read the story of our romance? Just thinking back on birthdays brings so many great memories of T & K, the early years.  I started writing “our story” when I found out we were expecting a baby, but I didn’t get very far.


2 thoughts on “30!

  1. I personally would like to hear the T&K epic saga. I’ve heard enough glancing references, while never hearing the story itself, that it now seems mythological. Also, it’s handy to have a written document you can just point folks to in future.

    Glad to hear you’re doing well.

  2. aww sweet that you remember my phone call! it’s funny to read about your life when you were my age. you had quite the decade!

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