KLC: 7 Months

KLC is 7 months old and hitting milestones left and right.  Her 7 month picture is probably my least favorite due to the fact that she’s just not that interested in lying prone and posing any more.  Harrumph. (She’s still cute with her serious face, though, don’t ya think?)7 monthsHer picture is once again in a new location as we were visiting my grandma’s internet-free cabin in Siren, WI, for the 4th of July.  (Also the reason for a few days’ delay in this post.)  This past month has brought about perhaps more change than any other.  First, she started sleeping consistently for 11-12 hours with 1-2 feedings.  Hooray!!  Then, she got her first tooth!  I’m not sure I have a picture of it yet because she’s pretty shy about letting people look at her gums on demand.  The tooth came in when we were passing time on the back porch.  She whimpered and looked up from the glider arm she was chewing on with blood on her bottom lip.  I checked out the situation and felt a new sharp edge that had come up through the gum.  The tooth is now a lot higher and more visible.

The next new trick came about two weeks ago when she suddenly decided the computer was interesting enough to crawl for.  She crawled/lunged a few “steps” as we lured her on with the iMac, and she has increased her crawling stamina daily since then.  (She also won her first crawling competition on July 4th, but that’s another story that I don’t think I have time to write before our plane back to Tennessee boards!)

And…that plane boarded, and here I am getting this post finished up four more days later.

After crawling and getting a tooth, KLC wasn’t done hitting milestones.  As we were visiting a C family friend, she started babbling.  I didn’t realize this would be a big deal to me before becoming a parent, but we had grown eager to hear her start communicating in a different way.  Also, it had been one of the few milestones that she reached somewhat later than other babies.  I won’t say that I was overly worried about her, but as we are in the midst of moving out of the country and are away from a regular pediatrician it has been nice to see her develop normally.

I attribute much of KLC’s development for the month to the blessing of being in just one place for most of it.  We had a great month-long visit to our C family, and KLC loved time with her GiGi, Granddad, Aunt C, and Uncle A.

KLC’s dislikes these days are naps and not much else. Her napping has been erratic, but we’re sneaking them in here and there and still incredibly grateful that her night sleep is light years better.

We’re enjoying the start of our visit to our T family and looking forward to what new adventures month 7 will bring.


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