I miss Houston

I lived in Houston for 20 months.  Not very long.  I moved there in October 2011, and I left at the beginning of May 2013.  Also, I never really lived through a Houston summer since the summer of 2012 was spent traveling to Europe for 3 weeks and living in California for 5 weeks.  One might say I didn’t really live in Houston at all.

Yet, there is much that I miss.  Here is my list.

  1. The Nursing Mothers Room at CtK: Our church had a rather well-to-do crowd, and that crowd popped out babies like it was their job.  They built their first facility in 2010, and they included a room for nursing mothers.  I have surveyed 4 churches’ nursing facilities now, and CtK’s wins.  By a landslide.  Flat screen tv with a live feed of the service, upholstered chairs, a changing table, dim lights.  I wanted to move in.
  2. Star Pizza: Large, chicago-style, pepperoni with whole wheat crust.  Amen.
  3. Mexican Food x 1000: We liked Lupe Tortilla and El Tiempo, but, seriously, people.  There are so many choices of Tex-Mex.  And it’s all good.  So good.
  4. Mom’s Group: My childbirth class teacher is a doula, and she hosts a Thursday night group for her former students and clients.  And it was such a warm, welcoming place.  I’m thankful to still have my foot in that community through a private facebook group.
  5. Montrose: We had the best neighborhood.  We picked it because it was the closest thing we could find to California in Texas: hipster bars, local restaurants, and streets with sidewalks. And crazy people.  (Every potential apartment was vetted via walkscore.com. Our apartment scored 82/100.)   Three of our couple friends lived within easy walking distance, and I’m so grateful that we took advantage of that fact regularly.  Hey y’all, wanna come over again tonight for a glass of wine for old time’s sake?  Please?

I left out all the people that we miss because I don’t want to get depressed.

P.S. Who’s proud of me for choosing something to write about other than the baby?


3 thoughts on “I miss Houston

  1. I used to fedex texmex food to my sister when she moved to Viriginia.
    Maybe we can work something out for you!

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