Free time?

I’m not sure where this post is going to end up, but I’m feeling the urge to write.  We’re still here in Hendersonville, getting lots of good Gigi and Granddad time and visits with Aunt C and Uncle A.  And in the week since KLC’s 6 month birthday, also the day I resigned from my job,  our lives have calmed down even more thanks to…sleep training.

Maybe I should ask for my job back?  I have free time now!  OK, let’s not get too carried away.  We’ve only been at this sleep training thing for a day and a half, but we’ve seen dramatic success.  We chose to start getting KLC into a routine because she seemed to really be suffering from her lack of sleep and predictability, and we have a solid three weeks to help the routine gel before upcoming travel to Siren (July 4th), Kingsport (visits w/ Tj fam), Ann Arbor (visits with T’s extended fam), Kingsport again, and Tybee Island (Sister A’s bach party) between July 3 and August 4.

Rather than bemoan that we didn’t start it earlier, I will choose to think that we prepped her really, really well to succeed at sleep training by throwing as much variability as possible at her previously.  She has slept better during the past two nights of sleep training than she had slept for the two months previously.  I’m a believer. (kindof…it still makes me sad to let her cry, and I don’t think it’s for every baby or every mother, and I think you should do it in a very controlled way, and we won’t let her cry longer than 15 minutes without going in to comfort her, and I still nurse her right before naps instead of making her go really long stretches between her “full” feeds, and I SURE wouldn’t be able to do it without T).


In other news, KLC is getting into her solids!  So far, she’s “tried” avocado, green beans, carrots, broccoli, and oatmeal.  I think only the broccoli and possibly some oatmeal and avocado has gone past her lips.  She seems to be getting the hang of it, though, and has certainly learned how to make a huge mess.  Baby milestone “make a huge mess eating:” check!

For the best mess she’s made so far and a view of what baby led weaning looks like for us, check out this not very exciting but strangely entertaining video of her attempting an avocado feed.  There isn’t much sound in the video because I was trying to be quiet so I wouldn’t distract her.

P.S. To anyone who hosted us or interacted with us during these last two months of sleeplessness, thank you. I’m sorry. You’re wonderful. It’s getting so, so much better.  I am grateful that you put up with my angst over her sleep as we figured out how to best accommodate her sleep requirements.


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