KLC: 6 Months

6 months!  On 6/6!  Oh, how we love the symmetry.  (even though I’m posting a day later.) 

6 months

At 6 months, KLC’s latest tricks are sitting up unassisted and getting her feet into the action when she’s on her belly.   She isn’t quite crawling, but she’s rocking on her hands and knees and also going into baby push-up and downward facing dog poses.  We love watching her ability to move around progress.  It is so fun.  One problem lately is that when she’s happily playing and I have the opportunity to get things done I don’t want to because she’s so fun to watch and play with.  Unfortunately, right now she is a little under the weather and is vastly preferring being held to being on the floor, so we aren’t getting to see her fun new tricks as often for the past few days.

(She just woke up from a 2+ hr nap, though, and it seems to have refreshed her!)

sitting up

The past month has not been easy, but it has contained a lot of fun and many new people.  KLC and I traveled to Tennessee for Baby K’s college graduation (way to go Baby K!!–do I need to come up with a better nickname since you are not only an adult but also a college graduate now?).  Then, we flew to meet T in Palo Alto for 10 days of visits with old friends.  After being home just one week, we took a 3-day trip to Atlanta for a Georgia Tech roommate reunion w/ J, M (and C), and G (and C).  To cap off the month, we flew home for our last three nights on Stanford Street before movers came on Friday, May 31, and we flew out on Monday, June 3.  That she hasn’t revolted completely is a testament to her good nature and flexibility.

Last night, on her 1/2 birthday, we gave her the opportunity to try solids.  We are planning to use Baby-Led Weaning as the method of introducing new foods to her, which means we aren’t feeding her purees or baby cereals.  Instead, we offer her solids like strips of soft vegetables and avocado and toast.  Last night, we offered her avocado, which she figured out how to smoosh into the tray pretty well.  And a smidge got near her mouth on her face.  I’ll call that a success.

First Solids

We’re staying with our C family, and the whole gang plus A’s girlfriend K joined us for her 1/2 birthday since we’ll be abroad on her 1 year old birthday.  The theme for the night was “finger foods,” and T and I made hand-sized calzones, hand salads, and homemade ice cream sandwiches.  Yum!  It was fun to be back in the kitchen after several days of tasty meals from Gigi (T’s mom) as we recuperate from the move.

half bday

Oh, also, I retired yesterday.  So far, being a stay-at-home mom feels pretty much like working.  And this transition, coming in the midst of so much change, feels pretty insignificant.  I wonder how I will feel once I’ve processed it all.  What I’m learning as a mom is that sometimes you just have to endure.  We were so anxious to get to Hendersonville so we could start establishing routines, and our theme to one another during rough nights was “endure!”  But now that we are all feeling sickly and KLC isn’t quite up to her happy, normal self, we’re still enduring.  And learning to enjoy her and life despite circumstances I wouldn’t choose?  I hope so.


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