Our Big Move

And today I will announce Our Big Move. Y’all, we’re moving to the Bahamas. No, it’s not a joke. In less than 48 hours, movers will come to our house and pack everything up to be shipped over the ocean or stored in Tennessee.

Today, we woke up to no air conditioning (currently 85 degrees outside), which I realized just as our babysitter (whom we haven’t worked with before) pulled up and as I went running out the door for my last chiropractic appointment in Houston. So it’s a good day to remind myself: Self, you’re moving to a tropical island.

Here is a picture of T and KLC from our scouting visit to Paradise Island (where we’ll live, just off downtown Nassau):



One day I’ll post more pictures from that trip and more about the move. But for now, back to the crazy that is our life for the next few days!


What are your thoughts?

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