KLC: 5 Months

5 months!  Last month’s post was dedicated to the aunties, and this month’s post is dedicated to Houston and our friends therein.  The onesie below was made by friends at a baby shower thrown for me and two other mamas and hosted by ladies in our young marrieds’ Sunday School class from church, as was the onesie in the 2 month post.  Wow, look at how much she’s filled out!

5 months


At 5 months, KLC is making more cute noises and loves blowing bubbles.  Her rolling technique is a finely honed skill, and she continues to insta-roll most times when I put her down.  She has added the right-shoulder roll-over to her list of skills but only attempts it if enticed.  Her propensity to roll is giving her plenty of time to practice pushing up on her hands.  She’s started moving around a lot more from the stomach position and scoots backwards several feet if on a slick surface.  Of course, she’s trying to move forward toward something in her line of vision, so she gets a little frustrated to only be moving further away!  I predict that she’ll be crawling before the next of these posts.  Time will tell!

She is still a good-natured baby and enjoys being held by anyone she meets (or chewing on their fingers).  This is the first month that she has stayed home for the entire month, but it has been perhaps the hardest. (Maybe because I don’t have “travel” to blame her hiccups in sleep, etc, on I am a bit more aware of my inadequacies as a caregiver?)  She hit a 4 month sleep regression and she hit it hard.  We have thankfully come out of it for the past week, but that still includes a 2-3 hour marathon of putting her in bed for the night.  It’s SO weird that she goes down fairly easily for naps but then refuses to be put down at night.  For the past week, she’s been sleeping unswaddled overnight, which is part of why it’s hard to get her down (she only goes down asleep…we’re working on the “soothing herself to sleep” thing).  BUT the genius thing is that she sleeps really well unswaddled, and it was becoming difficult and unsafe for her to sleep in her swaddle all night.  When in her “insta-roller” phase for the first week, she would be TOTALLY asleep when I put her in the crib, but she would instinctively roll over and wake herself up while swaddled.  Now, she rolls over and settles herself without the hindrance of the swaddle.

As you can deduce, I’m not really “over” the angst of this past month.  But I am ever so grateful for how patient T is, how cute KLC is, and how caring our friends are.  Highlights of the month were celebrating T’s 30th, a week-long visit from Best Man T, a sighting of sister A, KLC’s baptism, and a joint going-away party for ourselves and another couple from church.

Yep, that’s right.  We’re leaving Houston.  I will post more about our leave, complete with picture of our destination….when I get some sleep.


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