What they say is right–babies change quickly!  T and I are having fun watching KLC get stronger and learn to move.  Just this weekend, we entered the “Insta-Roller!!!” stage.  

She first rolled from front to back in front of a crowd of witnesses at 2 months, 10 days.  She went in reverse (back to front) in the third month, but we didn’t actually witness the roll until just before 4 months because she was pretty sneaky about it.  Sneaky = we were accustomed to leaving her on her back to play on the play mat or in the crib to sleep or wherever, and she would choose just the moment that we turned to do something else to roll to her stomach.  The first time I saw it was in the middle of the night when she started rolling in her sleep.  I got up to investigate the noises she was making, turned her back to her back, and she rolled right back over to her front.  I then picked her up to nurse, even though she wasn’t really awake, and that calmed her down.

KLC is sneaky no more!  She loves showing us her trick  so much that she rolls as soon as we put her down on her back, whether that’s on the floor or the changing table or the kitchen table.  Last night we recorded our little Insta-Roller!!! during dinner.  (I was getting nervous that she wasn’t actually going to roll when the pressure was on.  She usually does it more quickly than this.)

The Insta-Rolling is pretty cute, but it does have its drawbacks.  She seems to get more tired more quickly on her belly, so we can’t leave her in a room to play like we did.  She really enjoys some activities on her back like playing with her toys, and it’s harder for her to really “play” with things on her belly since she’s working so hard to hold herself up and figure out how to use her feet.

I tried this modification to laying her on the play mat because she always rolls over her left shoulder:

WP_002490 - Copy


It worked for about 5 minutes until:

WP_002491 - Copy WP_002492 - Copy

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.



What are your thoughts?

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