KLC: 4 Months

4 months, baby girl.  Way to go, surviving (thriving even) with us as your parents!

4 months

At 4 months, KLC has mastered both the front-to-back and back-to-front roll.  She also has amassed many small tricks such as this, which was thrilling to behold for the first time as we drove home from work.  But even when I took the video, I knew it was one of those things that seems very mundane after the first time or two.  Of course she chose to pull out the new trick for me while “Girl On Fire” was blasting on the radio.  Drama queen much?

She is now a very, very big fan of her feet, and we often find her quietly admiring them when she wakes up from her naps and in the morning.  Or, if she comes free from the swaddle, she’s got her toes in her mouth. She’s racked up three more trips, one to Austin to accompany Dad on an interview, one to Nashville to surprise GiGi for her 60th birthday, and one to an international location (related to T’s job search, more on that soon!).  She has her first passport, which is hilarious and is good for five years.  How many stamps will you have by then, my little traveler? Other likes continue to be mama time and breastmilk.  She’s never upset for long when mama is around, and she is generally good-natured all around.  When we take her out, she gets very serious and studies everything in sight.  Kroger is apparently fascinating to one so small.

Unfortunately, she still has an aversion to the bottle, so going back to work has been tough.  She has also regressed in her sleeping habits, which seems to happen for many babies around 4 months.  She’s starting to teethe, and our schedule has been pretty topsy turvy due to my working and traveling.  We’re hopeful things will line out in the next few weeks so she can get the rest she needs and continue as the happy, healthy girl we know and love.  She’s also dealing with a major spit up habit, and we’re trying to figure out whether to let it get better on its own or try some gentle medications to help her out.

We go back to the pediatrician this coming week, but on our home scale she weighed around 14 lb and some change today, up about a pound and a half from last month.  She’s also up at least another inch in height.

Our parental lessons learned are that life comes at you fast.  She is growing and interacting with the world differently every day.  In the meantime, we’re making huge decisions about our future as a family.  We have to do the best we can with the information we have and our own limitations to get through each day and each week.  I get frustrated and blame myself (major mom guilt) for her lack of sleep some days or fussiness or any other difficulty.  Instead, I am learning to pray more and appreciate these fleeting moments with my precious baby girl.  My hope and prayer for this month is that we can all find rest.

P.S. Shout out to all the aunties this week!  This onesie was given by Aunt Baby K.  Aunt A had an especially exciting week because she got ENGAGED!  We’re excited for another year full of festivities in the T family. (2011=T&K wedding, 2012=KLC, 2013=M&A wedding)  Much love to Aunt H and Aunt C as well!  (And the Great Aunts and Honorary Aunties out there!)


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