Pregnancy Déjà vu

One year ago, on Wednesday, March 21, we found out that we were expecting.  That evening was surreal as I bought pregnancy tests thinking that I was just being paranoid and then got a big fat + sign staring back at me.  *How am I going to tell T??*   

This past weekend, the weather turned in Houston.  We have had highs in the 80s for 5 days, and the spring flowers are in full effect.  The azaleas are amazing!  

Me to myself: “How come I didn’t notice this last year?  It’s so pretty!!”

“Oh yeah, because last year I spent the entire spring trying to keep my cookies down.”

Sunday, I became nauseous.  The sweet smell of pollen, the feel of the sticky warm weather.  Even the feel of the nice AC blowing on me when I walk inside.  PREGNANCY DéJà VU!  I felt so weird yesterday that I took a pregnancy test.  I am not pregnant.  

My aunt told me that she had to throw away a pair of earrings after my cousin was born because she had worn them all the time while she was pregnant, and they made her nauseous.  Now I understand.

Do you think Rice would mind if I dug up their azaleas?Image



One thought on “Pregnancy Déjà vu

  1. Hmmm… thirty in the morning. Still not getting much sleep, eh??? At least no “Irish twins”.

    I love this picture almost as much as the Facebook one!

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