KLC: 3 Months

Wow, we all survived to 3 months!  KLC, we are the most blessed parents in the world!

3 months


At two months, KLC’s best new trick is ROLLING!  Can you believe it?  Rolling before 3 months.  Since I was pretty sure I’d done something to majorly screw her up in utero, I’m as shocked as anyone.  She rolled for the very first time at the age of 2 months and 10 days while showing her cousins, aunts, and great aunts and uncles how much she likes tummy time during our trip to Wisconsin.  Since dad was skyping in from TX, she thought, “I might as well make use of my largest audience ever and do a little trick.”

One week later, she rolled not once but twice at T’s family’s house in Hendersonville.  The second time was caught on tape:

KLC’s rock and roll

Apparently T’s family figured out how to move pretty quickly, so KLC seems to be taking after them.  T himself rolled from back to front at 2 months and 2 days according to his baby book, and Uncle A was crawling at 4 months and crawking up and down STAIRS by 5 months (please God, not KLC!).

She’s also sleeping through the night consistently with a morning wake-up of between 6 and 6:30 AM.  (please God, let this continue!)  Over the past month or so, she’s figured out how to use her hands very well and is starting to pay a lot of attention to her feet and toes.  So cute.  She has now been to 9 states if you count driving through Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky and two layovers in Georgia.  Traveling is a skill that we hope she continues to enjoy, but it isn’t without its difficulties.

She is not a fan of bottles or sleeping anywhere but a crib or bassinet.

We don’t have official stats from the pediatrician, but she was up over a pound to 12 lb 7 oz the last we weighed her and at least an inch to 25 inches the last we measured her.  Nursing continues to go well, but we wish she’d start getting the hang of the bottle!

Our parental lessons learned are that it’s really nice to be together as parents.  We’ve had a lot of travel as I was gone for 10 days and T has been in-and-out of Houston for interviews.  I appreciate all the help my family gave when I visited, but my favorite times, by far, are when we are together and working together for the good of the family.  I want to be a mother who welcomes help from others, especially T.  It is easy to think you know the baby inside and out, but I want to do all that I can to foster a close relationship between the two of them.  Lately, T is the one who goes to the baby when she wakes at 6-6:30 AM.  He changes her and brings her to me to eat.  It’s one of my favorite times of the day–listening to her coo as he talks to her in the wee hours.

Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings of life with T and KLC.




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