Highs and Lows of Motherhood

I’ve been wanting to tell some of my “new mom” stories on the blog, and I have found the perfect new mom moment for a blogging break.  I intended to be gone from the house right now as there are housekeepers cleaning our duplex.  The plan was to take KLC to a friend’s house so she could attempt to give her a bottle (the 5th attempt??) as I ran to the grocery store (babies don’t like their mommas around when they acquiesce and finally take a bottle).

But here I am blogging and getting my daily dose of Vitamin D on our back stairwell.  KLC didn’t want to go down for her nap an hour ago.  She wanted to go down 2 minutes before the housekeepers arrived.

And, for the record, I know that it’s kindof lame to get a housekeeper when you only have a 2 BR/1 BA duplex to maintain and you’re not working.  I also know that it’s not lame at ALL, and it was awesome for T to agree that we could hire someone once a month!

OK, so do you want to hear my ultimate mothering high or my ultimate mothering low first?

[Disclaimer: My low is embarrassing and had a very low risk of a terrible outcome, but it’s not a real low as compared to the many mothers who are truly suffering for one of many reasons, such as postpartum depression, serious illness, poverty, etc.  I am blessed and privileged more than I realize on a day-to-day basis.]

OK, I’ll start with the low.  It’s hard to wait for the dirt, isn’t it?

Last week, KLC and I went on a journey to Wisconsin and Tennessee.  The trip was not the low; the trip was GREAT!  We flew to Milwaukee, spent two days with my extended family and celebrated my cousin L’s wedding, drove from Milwaukee to Tennessee, and spent the week with family in friends in Kingsport and Hendersonville.

Here’s a cute picture from that week with Uncle A in Hendersonville.


On our way back we flew out of Nashville, and I was thrilled to be returning home to rest and see T who had stayed behind to work.  My trip through TSA screening at BNA was my 6th time with KLC and 4th time solo.  (In other words, PRO.)  The number of items I take through the airport is being pared down each time, but after passing through the metal detector, I still have to:

1. Stand up/expand stroller caddy

2. Put breastfeeding pillow and jacket in bottom of caddy

3. Insert Infant Carrier

4. Reattach diaper bag to stroller’s handles

5. Put my shoes back on

all while holding a baby.

In the midst of this flurry of activity (I’m no TSA slouch), I notice that I have dropped one of my vitamin supplements on the ground.  I carry the supplements that are intended to boost my milk supply in my pocket so I have them handy when I remember to take them throughout my day.  They are a special blend of herbs and are a little pricey, so what did I do?  I picked it up with a split second of consideration of whether such a thing was reasonable and went on my way.

After arriving home that night, I emptied my jeans pockets when I put it in the laundry pile and realized, “oops, forgot to take my last two supplements.  Better down them now!”  After swallowing the two pills, I pulled out the rest of what was in my pocket, and I saw one more pill.  I had only put two pills in my pocket that morning.

Oh my.  I just took two out of three pills, one of which is a COMPLETELY random pill that I picked up OFF THE GROUND of an AIRPORT at the TSA SCREENING where EVERYONE WALKS THROUGH with their GROSS FEET.

First, I attempted to calm my fears and decided to just ignore my stupidity.  Then I thought, “What if I just took a cyanide pill and I’m about to die?  I think T deserves to know what happened if I fall down and curl up in a ball.”  So I told T.  And he agreed.  That was a very stupid thing to do.  We examined the one remaining pill and compared it to the other pills I had at home.  It looked basically the same.  But so did the one I picked up.  I may not have taken the one I picked up, but I didn’t look at the two I casually tossed back to notice if one looked slightly different.

I tried to make myself throw up.  Fail.

T called his friend, a pediatric ER doctor at Texas Children’s Hospital.  He agreed.  That was a very stupid thing to do.  His opinion, though, was that if I had indeed taken a random pill, I probably would be fine.  There are very few medicines that would harm a healthy adult when taken 1 time.  He also told us that it’s no longer recommended to try to induce vomiting (as one might with syrup of ipecac) due to risk of further complications from aspirating what comes up.

So I’m still alive 10 days later.  (Am finishing this post 5 days after I started it…)  Thank God!  We’re very grateful.  I’ll try not to leave my brain at home next time I go through TSA. (Which might be next week…more on that later.)


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