KLC: 2 Months

Happy 2 monthiversary, baby girl!  We are amazed by the growth and development you’ve had this month.

2 months

At two months, KLC’s new tricks are smiling, laughing, happily playing on the activity mat, controlling her head, sleeping in her crib rather than the swing, taking naps (yes, there’s a sleep theme…), drinking from a bottle (just twice, but we plan to work on that more), going to the church nursery (only 1x so far), and attending out-of-town weddings (hooray for EM and TP!).

She still is a big fan of breast milk, and her favorite place seems to be the changing table in her room.  She is the smiliest and happiest there unless she’s insulted that we’d think to change her diaper at a time when she’s sure she might starve to death.  She also loves to be talked to and will coo back and forth with you to have a “conversation.”  T also thinks she might think our house must be the YMCA from the number of times we’ve sang the song to her (see previous post) to get her laughing and smiling.  She also enjoys “patty cake” but wasn’t too into “this little piggy.”  We’ve started reading books to her, and she listens intently with her serious face.  We look forward to having her react more to books as she grows older, but for now she enjoys the time with daddy.

We went to the pediatrician today for her 2 month shots and to get her stats.  She has gained almost two full pounds from her birth weight and is 11 lb 4 oz (63%).  Her length is 24 inches (96%), and her head circumference is 16 1/4″ (96%).  He pronounced again that she’s “perfect” and has “good genetics” making her long and lean.  My 5’4″ mother definitely thinks it comes from her (not her 6’3″ father who has no body fat).  😉  He said that her weight being on a lower curve than her height is fine because if a baby isn’t getting enough calories then the growth in length will slow down first.  I don’t want to sound overly braggadocios, but last month we were pretty concerned about her weight gain and my milk supply.  We made it through a couple of rough patches and are overjoyed by the A+ report.

Our parental lessons learned are that it gets a lot easier day by day, week by week.  I also am stunned by how quickly she seems to learn new things.  You hear “they grow up fast!” from everyone, and it’s a joy to see the changes unfold.  For month three, we are looking forward to some travel and trusting that her easy-going nature will stay consistent.  My cousin L is getting married in 8 days in Milwaukee, so KLC will gain the “survive cold weather” trick as well.  After Milwaukee, we will ride to Tennessee for a visit with friends and family there.  We aren’t looking forward to what happens at the beginning of March (my return to work), but I am choosing to not dwell on it for now and enjoy the time we have.

Bonus picture (poor baby, look at her bandaids from the shots):



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