The Village People Helped Answer My Prayer

As mentioned in my previous post (yep, two in one day people), we are really enjoying this little girl, which was my prayer at the end of month one.  I’m pretty sure I will never believe anyone again when they say they are having fun with their baby in the first weeks of life.  Then again, when the baby is asleep is when you have time to respond to someone’s inquiries, and you do really enjoy the baby when she’s sleeping.  But I don’t think you’re enjoying the baby as much as the sense of accomplishment of getting her to sleep and go down somewhere besides your arms, thus freeing you to email/call/text.

HOWEVER, when the SMILES come, that’s the reward.  Day after day of sleeplessness and feeling like a failure because you don’t know quite what you’re doing are forgotten when she smiles at you.  And laughing is like a piece of heaven.

So, please enjoy a little piece of heaven.

(Apologies to the Village People for the singing quality and some changes to the lyrics…we aren’t took keen on KLC hanging out with “all the boys” yet.)



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