A Few Things

We’ve almost made it to 7 weeks!  I’m grateful for:

  • Three nights of 6+ hour sleeping stretches!  (And 4-5 hour stretches on the other nights)  
  • Peace while T has been traveling for work-related things and I’ve held down the fort with KLC alone
  • Smiles and Coos
  • Beginning of Cloth Diapering going smoothly (Waiting on more supplies to be delivered so I can do it semi-full-time, in other words, not when we travel or have babysitters but while we’re home.)
  • Many friends doing many beautifully nice things for us, especially while T has traveled
  • Anticipation of friend E’s visit tonight–she’s bringing pizza! Yum.
  • This weekend’s trip to Tulsa for another friend E’s wedding, where I’ll see JJ and EMJ! WOO!
  • Other mommas I’ve connected with in Houston who are going through all the same things and who provide so much reassurance, tips, and support

Speaking of smiles, here is the first-ever captured on (virtual) film smile for the one and only KLC:



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