KLC: 1 Month

My friend BE’s awesome blog posts about her sweet kids’ monthly milestones inspired me to start a series myself.  I didn’t have a cool cow or frog to photograph Miss Priss with, but I do have a giraffe snuggly blanket from my cousin B.

1 month


At one month, KLC likes breast milk, staring quizzically at new friends, showing off her frog legs. breast milk, car rides on bumpy roads (don’t even think about taking her on a nice, smooth interstate unless she’s fast asleep), breast milk, going for walks in the mai tai or Moby baby carriers, and being all-around cute.  And she’s starting to reward us with a few sweet smiles.

Her birth weight was 9 lb 5 oz, and she’s up to 9 lb 12 oz now.  We’re hoping that she grows a little faster in month #2 to stay on her growth curve.

I would say that I can’t believe we’re already at one month, but I can.  It has been a long month.  I have learned a lot as a mother, and my hope for month number 2 is that I would learn to cherish and appreciate her even more.  It is easy to let fear, guilt, and dread overtake my positive feelings towards my child or at least neutralize them.  Now that I know that no one is going to explode if she cries and that we have techniques for dealing with her fussiness and to get her to sleep, maybe I can relax and enjoy her more.  Also, I need to stop doing so much during the day or evening and soak up this time at home with her.


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