Pictures from KLC’s Birth

I didn’t have a chance to add pictures to KLC’s birth story, so I am uploading a few here.  I tried my best to make sure everyone’s decent in the pictures.

During labor (don’t worry, this is the last I’ll show of that!) with my “pretty pusher” gown and being supported by the best husband ever:


Just before we started pushing:


Woohoo, we have a baby!  Cutting the cord:


Obligatory naked baby being weighed for the first time (9 lb 5 oz, 22 in) shot:

IMG_3581The birth team (the midwife, T&K&KLC, the doula, and mom):

IMG_3603Nana and Grandpa meeting grandchild #3:

IMG_3607Our happy little family (in our postpartum room):

IMG_3652Sweetest little carseat pumpkin in the world (we got a compliment for choosing red for our “going home” outfit.  I thought it was only fitting for a December baby, but the postpartum nurse said it’s not a typical choice.):


Here we go!




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