Last Day of Antepartum Leave

We go in for an induction tomorrow night (if she doesn’t come before–come on baby!), so I’m declaring today as my last day of antepartum leave.  In case you don’t know what “antepartum” is: it’s the opposite of postpartum.  I’ve had a nice long time off thanks to the baby loving my uterus so so much.

For the last day of pre-baby leave, I started the morning getting acupuncture and a massage at my chiropractor’s office.  Then, I went to lunch with mother dearest at the cutest spot for ladies who lunch in Houston, Tiny Boxwood’s.  As my mother says, I’m getting more “miserable” with the end of pregnancy, so I spent the afternoon napping and returning phone calls.  I woke up intending to go for another labor-inducing walk, but the weather didn’t work out (thunderstorms).

Tonight, we’re eating a scrumptious dinner with Dad and Mom and then going for our last pre-baby date to see Skyfall.

Bring on the castor oil.

(Kidding. Not that desperate.)








2 thoughts on “Last Day of Antepartum Leave

  1. You could try the Mexican food and long ride on a very bumpy road method. But your day sounds much more pleasant. I hope you have an uneventful delivery. All the best to you, Thomas and baby-to-be!!!

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