Let the Maternity Leave Commence!

Today was my first day of maternity leave.  YAY!  And I made it through the day without going into labor!  When T and I decided that I would take some time off pre-due date, I had a (silly) fear that the baby would come two weeks early, and I wouldn’t actually get to enjoy the time off.

Today was fun, so, Baby, you can come whenever you want, OK?

I do have a few things to wrap up for work that aren’t customer-related (finishing the year’s expense reports, completing benefits open enrollment, cleaning out my inbox so I can still receive emails while I’m on leave), but I decided to wait until at least tomorrow so I could make a clean break mentally of being on leave.  The tasks were supposed to be completed yesterday, but I was having a few odd symptoms that meant I went into the midwives’ office yesterday for my weekly check rather than today.  Of course, that took most of the morning, and I couldn’t get much done on expense reporting from the waiting room.

Since I mentioned “odd symptoms,” I should provide some explanation: at the end of the work day Tuesday, I started seeing some spots of light and having blurry vision as night fell.  I could have called the midwives then (or any time in case of an emergency), but I didn’t want to be told to come to the hospital for tests and observation.  The symptoms can be related to pre-eclampsia, so I went to Kroger to take my blood pressure, and it was low/normal.  It was even lower the next morning at the midwives’ office.  The midwife I saw (there are 5 in the practice I go to) did not suspect pre-eclampsia but rather wanted me to start resting more, eating regularly, and drinking plenty of water.  I haven’t been starving myself, but I do find it hard to remember to eat when I’m busy working.

Fortunately for me, I had planned to start maternity leave today anyway!  Woohoo, isn’t it great how that worked out?  I was considering delaying the start to the leave, actually, so I was grateful to have confirmation to go ahead with the leave.  I tend to feel a little lazy when I rest extra or make excuses because I’m pregnant (although not when I tell T that “no, i’m not going to wakeboard”), so it is reassuring to hear from a medical professional that I need to take it easy.

For my first day of leave, I spent the morning at home, working on my Christmas cards.  Strange but true.  I have a design in mind, and I ordered the materials and put together a draft for the back of the card.  The front of the card will have a picture of the baby, of course!  I also went through our address list to see who we need to add, delete, or update.  It’s amazing the difference a year makes.  I remember thinking that last year when I compiled addresses for Christmas cards vs wedding invites.  So many people had already gone through transitions between July, when we addressed our invitations, and December.  Now, over the course of the year 2012, there are 19 known address changes and one deletion due to the death of a colleague of T’s.  I’m sorry to bring up that sad fact, but it made me sad, and a pregnant woman should have some fellowship in her sadness.

Over lunch, T and I visited the pediatrician to whom we intend to take Baby C.  We appreciated how he took time to sit with us and answer our questions, particularly about travel with an infant and child-rearing philosophies.  I had never realized how important the pediatrician relationship is for a first-time parent until recently.

After lunch, I picked up my fellow pregnant friend A (she’s 39+ weeks!), and we spent the whole afternoon at the Houston Nutcracker Market.  I think we enjoyed the visiting and the browsing better than the shopping itself.  My goal of acquiring a few Christmas presents was not met, but I did get a cute Christmas sign and a layette gown for Baby C’s pictures and hospital departure.

I promise I will not give you a play-by-play of my entire maternity leave, but I did think it would be fun to document today, the first day.   Thanks for coming along.



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