Nesting Update

Baby K (my youngest sister) decided that I needed to update the blog.  I’ve been wanting to write a reflection on our wedding day from the bride’s perspective.  Even though I just finished writing a lot about the wedding, I’ve never written out what my thoughts and emotions were that day.  I’d also like to write the history of my relationship with T (stretching back to 2000…) and a reflection on how the first year has been.  Since none of those things are easy or quick, here’s an update on our nesting:

  • I early voted today.  Even though election day is 2.5 weeks before my due date, one never can be too careful about her civic responsibilities.
  • We sold EVERYthing we wanted to sell on Craigslist: a tv stand, an old CRT tv, a coffee table, a table and 4 chairs, and a couch (in other words, the contents of T’s bachelor apartment–he’s a little sad).  I’m not sure if it’s tacky to share such things, but we sold the two big pieces for a combined total of as much as T bought them for (off Craigslist) in 2010.  They were still in great shape, so we thought the same prices were still fair.  My feelings for Craigslist fluctuate, but right now I’m a big fan. I get a little paranoid about Craigslisting, but this is another reason having a husband is a great idea.  I don’t get too nervous for a stranger to pick up a couch when he’s around.
  • We are being showered with gifts!  It is so fun to celebrate this upcoming addition with friends and family, near and far.  Our registry is on Amazon, and we’ve had fun registering for items like this, this, and this.  We also love the thoughtful handmade gifts that have arrived.  A dear friend from MN had a baby this past week, and we’ve had so much fun talking about the babies together.  She sent a sweet set of hand-sewn baby block rattles and burp cloths.
  • We have all the furniture we plan to purchase (and have gotten rid of the things that were cluttering) except a glider, so it’s time to arrange the furniture, organize, and put the finishing touches on the nursery.

This might be the least-exciting blog post ever.  Sorry, Baby K.


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