Happy Fall Wreath!

I transformed my “Happy Spring Wreath” into a “Happy Fall Wreath” today after doing some crafting/gift-making last night with friends AS and SV.

Supplies (for Spring Wreath):
1. Twig wreath ($4.99)
2. 1 bunch of greenery ($5 or so)
3. Glue gun
4. Wire cutters
5. Short length of ribbon

Additional supplies (for fall flowers):

1. Two colors of burlap.  (1/2 a yard is much more than enough, and burlap was on sale at Jo-Ann’s yesterday!)
2. Craft Paint
3. Buttons
4. Floral Wire (I got either 16 or 18 gauge, but I’d get the next size up to have a thinner wire)

I followed this tutorial to make all three kinds of roses, but I found the 2nd and 3rd MUCH easier to make than the first (hence, no burlap roses in my wreath yet): http://www.snugasabugbaby.com/how-to-make-a-burlap-flower-bouquet/

Instead of making a bouquet, I added the flowers to my wreath.  I also wrapped a bit of twine around the whole wreath, but it doesn’t stand out very well.  I may add something else to tone down the greenery later.

Here was my (very simple) spring wreath:


And here it is now spruced up for fall:


2 thoughts on “Happy Fall Wreath!

  1. Nice! In the next month of so you can add live branches or other greenery to get some Christmas smell as you walk thru the door!

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