Anniversary Countdown: 3 Days to go

For today’s picture, I wanted to focus on the second reception slash after party slash out-of-town guests party slash casual southern barbecue.  But when I looked through the pictures from that event, this was my favorite one:

Of course, this is us dancing.  So maybe I should just call this the “first dance” post?

This picture shows many of my favorite things from the evening of our wedding.  But first, a little background: we had a reception at the church with brunch for all of our wedding guests from 12-2 pm after the 11 am service.  But then we were sneaky and didn’t actually leave town.  We went to my parents’ house, hung out with our bridal party who had traveled from near and far, and got ready for another party. Over half of our wedding guests traveled in from out-of-town.  We hated to think we’d have a few short hours at a reception with them, so we planned another more casual party that would include dancing, live music, and barbecue.

This picture shows

  • My brother B and sister-in-law H performing our first dance, “Feels Like Home,” by Chantal Kreviazuk.  Home is where T is.  I’ve imagined having B&H sing at my wedding since they got married in 2004, so I was thrilled that it worked out.
  • The sound system B’s friend brought in, set up, and tore down.  B and his friend performed for an hour or more as people gathered.  My favorite song they performed was “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show.  I really love hearing my brother sing and play, and he and his friend were a great duo.  After the live music, we danced to ipod playlists.  In some ways, we regret not hiring a “real” DJ for that portion of the evening, but we hear that the dancing lasted well into the night after we made our actual getaway and you don’t get that sort of spontaneity from a DJ who is paid by the hour.
  • A few of T’s mother’s good friends who were in front of the crowd watching us dance.  LOVE how our lives and our people got mashed up all in one little space in one city for a weekend.  And you can see from some of the previous posts that people really got into the dancing!  Love that too!
  • My other dress!  Some people liked this dress, which was sheer with a sequined slip that you could see through the top layer, better than my day dress.  I liked them both but didn’t obsess over the dresses.  I liked having two totally different looks, though, with my hair up for the evening.
  • A happy, relieved couple.  This is such a sweet picture, and I’m not sure what to call the emotion.  I’m open to suggestions.

A beautiful night.


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