Anniversary Countdown: 4 Days to go

We’re getting CLOSE!  In fact, I already got an anniversary present from T!  He gave me a white gold necklace for my wedding ring, which now won’t go over my knuckle.  He wanted to give it to me early so I didn’t have to celebrate our anniversary ring-less.  What a guy.

Today’s picture is us with our parents.  

On the left are T’s parents and on the right are mine.  The way we’re standing and just about every other detail probably conveyed that, but I thought I’d clear up any lingering confusion.  I don’t think this is the best picture of any of us, but I like the content of the picture.

It’s hard to summarize what your parents mean on your wedding day.  Certainly, a wedding day would not seem complete without these people who have raised you and brought you up to be who you are standing on that altar.  We are also doubly blessed that our parents have remained married to one another for 30+ years and have given us an example of love and faithfulness to follow.  Thinking further than that, I am also amazed to realize how well-supported we were by each of our parents’ families as well.

T’s father’s family is HUGE as he is one of eighteen children.  I can’t remember the exact number, but around 10 of the siblings and several cousins traveled to the wedding from Michigan, where most of them live.  T’s mother’s family was also very well represented by her four sisters, her mother, and several of the cousins, traveling in from Georgia, Colorado, and Michigan.  (T has only one living grandparent, his maternal grandmother, and I have only my paternal grandmother.  Both attended the wedding.)

My mother’s family had the shortest to go to attend, and two brothers,  an aunt, and several cousins came.  My father’s family traveled down from Wisconsin, and my grandma stayed over until after the wedding when T and I came back through Kingsport to see my dad on his 60th birthday and open presents.

T’s parents did SO much to make the wedding happen from a practical standpoint.  They hosted the rehearsal dinner for the wedding party followed by a dessert reception for all of the out-of-town guests at the hotel.  The dinner was a sweet, sweet time with some pretty hilarious stories.  The dessert reception was one of the best ideas of the weekend.  People love being greeted and meeting one another as they arrived from their various ports of call, and the desserts were fantastic.  Mrs. C even made some frozen desserts that she transported from Nashville to Kingsport on dry ice!  The whole first floor of the hotel seemed like one big pre-party for the wedding!  My only regret was having to cut the night short so I could get some sleep and have a bit of hang-out time with my out-of-town girlfriends.

My parents were so thrilled for me to be marrying T that they put up with just about anything in the course of our engagement and wedding planning.  I like to think that I wasn’t too crazy of a bride, but the bride’s nearest and dearest seem to take more than their share of the wedding planning load and angst.  (I do think they helped minimize the drama by telling me very early on how much they were going to contribute to the cost of the wedding.  We could decide to go over that and fund it ourselves or stay within that amount, but that was up to us.  Hot wedding tip!  Way to go parents!)  One of my favorite times of the wedding was on the wedding day when I woke up REALLY early to shower and pack my bag for the church.  Within a few minutes, I heard rumblings in the room above my basement bedroom, which meant mom was awake.  The two of us arrived at the church at 7 AM to start hair and makeup.  The ceremony was at 11 AM, so we had to start early to keep the schedule of preparation on track.  Also, neither of us wanted to sleep in.  We wanted to experience the day in its entirety, and it was a sweet blessing to start it together, just the two of us.

Thank you, parents, for wholeheartedly supporting our union and for being the biggest influence on the people we have become.  We’re glad you’ll be by our sides as we attempt to raise Baby C with a portion of the love and patience with which you raised us.

Bonus shots of the parents:

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