Anniversary Countdown: 5 Days to go

Today’s picture is “the ladies.”

Unlike T, I chose to have all family in my wedding party.  I also only had 5 bridesmaids to his 6 groomsmen.  We’re crazy like that.

On the left, my cousins L and G are looking cute.  They traveled down from Wisconsin, where they are an apartment property manager and teacher, respectively.  My summers and holidays growing up were filled with cousin time.  My family moved to TN when I was 2, and part of the deal was that my older brother and I would go back to stay with our grandparents in WI and visit all our relatives for a month each summer.  I think this was mostly due to my brother being the oldest (and obviously favorite) grandchild, but I was glad to go along for the ride as well.

The three other bridesmaids were my two sisters A & K, who served as co-maids of honor, and T’s sister C.  A is an assistant director of undergraduate admissions at GT (T’s alma mater!), K is a senior in industrial engineering at UT, and C is a youth volunteer coordinator in downtown Nashville.  T and I relate to each of our sisters in much the same way.  We are excited for the lives they are leading and the opportunities they are pursuing, and we are glad to be one of the first phone calls they make in times of celebration and times of frustration.

Thank you, ladies, for being a part of our wedding, our first year of marriage, and for being big fans of Baby C already.  We are excited for each of you to meet her!

Yesterday‘s bonus shot had my favorite little woman, my niece A, so for today I’ll put up a bonus slideshow.  These are some of my best ladies who traveled from near and far to celebrate with us.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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