Anniversary Countdown: 6 Days to go

Today’s picture is “the guys.”  Look how happy they are!  And good-looking, too!

Starting from the left, R was T’s roommate and Ultimate Frisbee teammate at Stanford.  He and his wife J traveled from their new home in Pittsburgh, where he is a professor at Carnegie Mellon.  (Sidenote: be impressed.  He’s several years younger than us and already a tenure-track assistant professor!)  R’s lasting legacy in our household is that T has given up pretzels in his lunch in favor of almonds.  R eats an extremely healthy diet high in nuts and fruit.  I’ve never seen a man so happy as when R got a bag of assorted apples for his birthday.

J was T’s roommate for three years during their undergrad days at GT and then coincidentally traveled cross-country for grad school at Stanford as well.  J finished up more quickly since he was in the law school and moved back to Atlanta, where he has been for several years now.   J is the type of friend that 1. you pick up where you left off extremely easily and 2. can get you to confess any of your deepest, darkest secrets.

D is a hometown friend of T’s from Tennessee.  He traveled to the wedding after a 24-hr shift in his 2nd year surgical residency at Vanderbilt (don’t worry–he hitched a ride for the 5-hr drive from middle to east TN).  He and J are T’s two friends who provide the most good-natured teasing.  We are thankful that we get to see him more often than many of T’s friends since he and his parents are located in middle TN and tend to be around when we come in town.

That good looking man in the middle is T himself, of course!

To the right of T, A is another hometown friend.  He traveled from Princeton, NJ, where he works as a middle school math teacher.  He is a kindred spirit with T in his love of being active and his raw enthusiasm for geometry.

The second A to the right of T is T’s younger brother.  A is a consultant in Nashville and has started pursuing an MBA in the evenings at Vanderbilt.  We can’t imagine how busy he is with a super demanding job that requires him to travel often AND school.  I remember when A turned 16, so it’s fun to see him now as a polished and professional man.  T only wishes he’d gain some of his own enthusiasm for spikeball and ultimate to put his athleticism to good use.

Last but not least, the best man for our wedding day was T’s friend T.  T married R almost two years before our wedding, and my T was their best man.  T and R traveled from Connecticut where they are both medical residents in family practice and internal medicine/pediatrics, respectively.  For my T’s bachelor party, T planned a lake weekend over Labor Day last year with 13 attendees.

I haven’t done these men justice in my descriptions.  They are dear to us, and I am immensely grateful for the roles they’ve played in making T who he is today.

And a bonus shot for the day, my favorite little man at the wedding, my nephew J (he LOVED dressing up and was the BEST ring bearer and big brother ever):


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