Anniversary Countdown Week: 7 days to go

T and I got married exactly 51 weeks ago!  Plus one day for leap year.  If your first year of marriage includes an extra day for leap year, maybe you should get an extra gold star?  Because isn’t the first year supposed to be the hardest?

We have had a blessed first year, and I have been enjoying reflecting on it as our anniversary draws near.  I think our anniversary seems especially set apart since it’s a time to acknowledge our status as newlyweds rather than our status as expectant parents.  The coming baby is making herself more and more known, but we see our relationship as husband and wife as primary and fundamental to being good parents.

To celebrate this week, I would like to share a picture per day from our wedding.  First up, dissertation flowers:

These flowers were hand-made by our incredible “wedding designer” F.  The flowers were cut from printouts of T’s PhD dissertation.  F is one sister A’s best friends from college, and she and her husband J were the rock stars of our wedding day.  They coordinated the decor for both receptions, dealt with crabby church ladies who didn’t want to let us set up the night before, and tore down the first reception and set up the out of town guests reception.  J also is getting into the wedding videography business and offered to shoot our wedding as a test run.  AND IT WAS INCREDIBLE.  (If you haven’t seen the videos, they are online.  I don’t want to link here because they use our full name.  Contact me by email if you want a link.)

A “wedding designer” is actually a thing that you can hire, but we didn’t set out to do that.  F was coming fresh off her own wedding a year before to J, and she was excited to help out with a lot of the details for ours.  She came up one weekend while I was planning with my sisters and mother, and we worked out an arrangement for her to oversee both of the receptions.  It was also clear that I was not going to have the bandwidth to do much DIY for the decor, but she was excited to help on projects like this.  In the end, I was amazed by how she pulled everything off.  And I felt a little (a lot) guilty for totally overworking her!  Of course, hindsight is 20/20, but one of my big lessons of throwing a wedding is to think through ALL of the logistics and make sure there are enough people to cover all the tasks to be done the day of since no one’s going to let the bride load tables into a truck and haul them across town.

The dissertation flowers from the wedding were probably the most talked about detail, and the best part was that people got to take them home afterwards!  My mother, mother-in-law, and I all have a small arrangement of them in our dining areas.

Bonus picture for the day of F and J:


2 thoughts on “Anniversary Countdown Week: 7 days to go

  1. Can’t imagine how much work was put into those flowers, but what a wonderful idea. Compliments to the crafter(s)! Great memory and story. Looking forward to the rest of the countdown

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