We’re thrilled to be back in Texas in our own home. We arrived back 11 days ago. After 5 days, my body decided to adapt to the weather and stop massively swelling in the calves and ankles. Swelling has been the only real pregnancy issue in the second trimester, so hooray for that. (No preeclampsia worries for now–blood pressure is still low.)

To represent the new “nesting” mode I’m in, I have added a baby ticker like a good little mommy blogger.
Over here ————————————————————————>>

Preparing for a baby within the first year of marriage has added benefits. Since we’ve been back, I’ve been motivated to go through the random piles of paper that were left to be dealt with “someday.” We returned some borrowed furniture within the first week, found all the library books to return, and attempted to buy a dresser and crib from Ikea and Craigslist respectively. (No luck on either of those, but I’m still trying.) We have a goal of finishing all lingering wedding thank you notes by the start of school at Rice (coming on Monday).

Tonight, we have our first big event of the Rice school year. We are again involved with Will Rice College as Faculty/Community Associates. Rice does an amazing job of integrating students with the outside world of faculty and community by engaging alumni and faculty as honorary members of the residential colleges. T is also serving as a Faculty Advisor, a position intended to connect with freshmen to follow up with their academic progress and goals through their first year. Together, we are hosting a group of 7 freshmen, 4 upperclassmen, and 4 cohosts for dinner tonight. The Associates’ Dinner is intended to provide a social connection to the outside world and some comfort to those students who have left home for the first time, and then we get to follow up with those students as well throughout the year on a more casual basis. Because T is filling two roles–Faculty Advisor and Associate Host, both starting this week, the college assigned the same students to both groups. No matter that the students are all interested in English and Music–I’m sure T can turn them around and point them to a career in math in no time.

Our house sitter R moved out, but she’s showing her many talents by taking T from the CA hippy he came back as to sharp-looking prof.


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