We’re in Cali!

T and I are in California now and have left the apartment once again under the watchful eye of our house sitter.  For the whirlwind week we were in Houston, it was so fun to have a roommate!  A husband is great and all, but I just don’t consider T my “roommate.”  Roommates need to be same-gender, to have cravings for sweets at the same intervals, and to not know too much of your life history so you can stay up all night telling stories.  T doesn’t meet any of those prerequisites.  (But I still love you, honey.)

One night, poor R asked us how we met.  And then said she wanted the “long” version.  We only got about halfway through that night before I started falling asleep while story telling.

Here’s a picture from our fun 4th of July at friends J&C’s home in Pleasanton.  Their backyard and home are gorgeous and provided just the relaxing day we needed.

Did I mention that sisters A&K are visiting us?  We had two days to settle in before they showed up, and we’re having fun hitting up the NorCal hot spots.  Like Pleasanton.  🙂  And A’s friend M who is in SF for work joined us for the 4th.


What are your thoughts?

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