Greece! Recap of First Five Days

T gave me permission to open my computer tonight, so here’s a condensed version of Greece thus far.  First of all, we’re looking at this 

as I type.  Sunset in Santorini over the caldera.  (Caldera=water that filled in a crater formed by a volcano, or something like that.  Ask a geologist.)  I was in charge of booking the rooms for our trip, and T’s highest priority was “great views.”  This one was definitely a win.

Day 1: Friday, arrive in Heraklion.  I hadn’t had much sleep before arriving in Heraklion because of a 5:30 AM departure time for my flight and a night of racing before.  (The race was fun, but I ended up walking the whole way with a coworker because I’d only brought Chacos to wear, not real tennis shoes, due to a lack of luggage real estate.  Not sure if I’ll end up recapping Germany or not)  We stayed in T’s hotel from the conference, which was nice and had a great breakfast buffet.  Heraklion is a large city, and we spent the evening walking around the old Venetian quarter and the Venetian harbor that once protected it.  Did you know Crete was once ruled by Venice?  Now you know.

Day 2: Saturday, depart Heraklion for Agia Pelagia.  Agia Pelagia is more of a suburb of Heraklion than anything else, but it’s got a nice beach area and is about 20 minutes away from the hubbub.  We booked a room with another stunning view and spent Saturday driving to the Southern shore to go to the beach at Matala.  A Crete native described it as the “hippy beach,” but it wasn’t too crazy.  A very pretty beach!  (Would love to get more pictures loaded, but this internet connection is pretty bad.  You’ll have to wait…)

Day 3: Sunday, drive to Rethymno from Agia Pelagia along the northern shore.  Rethymno  is another smaller city that has a nice shore line, shops, and another Venetian harbor.  The drive to get there is stunning and reminded us of Highway 1 in California.  In fact, much of the Greek Isles reminds us of California–the weather, the vegetation, the cool evenings, etc.

Day 4: Monday, depart Agia Pelagia for Santorini by ferry.  The ferry ride wasn’t super fun.  The boat was pretty small and felt like you’re riding a tube behind a ski boat for two hours.  Except it’s not fun at all.  But we did meet a charming Estonian woman, so that wasn’t too bad.  I have another post brewing about tips for navigating the Greek Isles, but I’ll save that.  The port of arrival is at the base of a huge cliff, and you feel like a mouse in a tourist trap when you arrive there.  We stood our ground and found the local bus, which cost of course much less than the other random tourist buses, taxis, or rental cars.  The journey was totally worth it when we found our hotel after a bit of a search.  We love where we’re staying!  We spent the evening in famous Oia, which has superb sunsets, and had a delightful dinner.

Ok computer dying so can’t make it to day 5, but it’s been great as well!  Love to all our friends and family!


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