Heaven and Hell in Germany

I haven’t posted much about what I’ve been doing in Germany, and T would report that Greece is full of math, math, and more math thus far, but I do have a short report.

First, the dark side (not really):

Last night, I went to dinner with two coworkers in downtown Frankfurt at Apfelwein Klaus, and I was in a good mood I suppose because everything was making me laugh.  I tried a little of the “apple wine,” which (thanks to Mr. Google) I am now realizing is the same as our American hard cider.  Apparently Frankfurt is famous for producing apfelwein.  My coworker, who is German but not from this region, ordered this beer pictured below.  (When I asked him why he told us to order apfelwein but didn’t order it himself, he said, “Because I’m not from here.”  Oh, ok.)

Ha!  Right?  This is funny.  He got his own “spezial hell.”  When the other American and I explained why we thought this was funny, he explained that “helles” are a type of pale lager from Bavaria.  I think.  I was getting lost because I know almost nothing about beer, and figuring out beer in Germany is akin to taking a graduate course.  He lost me when he explained that “weissbier” or “white beer” can be almost black in color.  OK, I give up.

After eating some delicious cheese spaetzle, I wanted to order the “apple doughnut” I’d seen on the English-translated menu.  My coworker hadn’t heard of it, so he asked for the German menu to see what I wanted to order.  There it was called “apfelkreppel.”  Pronounced (to my American ears) “apple crapple.”  HA.  Giggled for the rest of the night.  It was delicious.

On to the heavenly side:

Tomorrow night, there is a huge charity fundraising race sponsored by J. P. Morgan in downtown Frankfurt.  Our office participates every year, so I signed up.  I even stayed a night longer than I would have since this is one of the main events people come out for from the Frankfurt office in a year.

This morning, I got an informational email from the organizers, all in German.  I forwarded it to Gmail for translation and found the forecast for heaven tomorrow.

Good to know, right?



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