Day 1: Rain and Rick Steves to the Rescue

We’ve been here 1 whole day now!  We are just waking up after a very restful night’s sleep.

Yesterday’s activities included checking into the hotel, taking a quick nap, waking up for the bike tour, deciding to move the bike tour to Saturday (today) since it was raining, taking another nap, then heading to the Musee d’Orsay, and eating some of Paris’s best falafel for dinner.

Rick Steves, tour guide writer extraordinaire, saved the day at the museum.  We were about to buy the discounted end-of-day tickets for 6.5 EUR/each, but another American tourist caught T and told him that, “Rick Steves says they let you in for free after 5 PM!”  We’d had trouble finding the write Metro line to get to the museum, so by this time it was already 4:57.  Indeed, we were let in free after 3 more minutes and enjoyed a very quick feast of impressionist paintings, sculptures, and more before the closing time of 6 PM.

Our favorites were van Gogh’s self-portrait, van Gogh’s bedroom, van Gogh’s “The Siesta,” Seurat’s “The Circus,” many of Degas’s ballerinas, and this sculpture of our friend L molesting an alligator:

Today, we are dropping our bags at the left luggage lockers at the train station after checking out of the Hilton Arc de Triomphe (thanks Hilton Honors points!), then spending most of the day in the center of town around Notre Dame, where our bike tour starts.  K’s train leaves for germany at 6 PM, and T’s flight for Greece leaves at 10 PM.

Au revoir!


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