Lately, May 2012

I haven’t posted since April, so I guess this will be another monthly recap!

Life isn’t feeling all that hectic, but the past month packed in quite a bit of activity.  We are enjoying making new friends in Houston, but our free time isn’t filled up like it was back in California with one event after another.  Maybe that’s why life doesn’t feel too hectic?  Also, I’ve had plenty of time to fit in Sudoku puzzles from the paper we get Weds-Sunday.  Hectic schedule or not, there’s something about working a puzzle that makes time slow down.

Highlights from May:

  • Our one-night trip at the very end of April to Dallas was well worth the drive.  T’s cousin C performed in the Magic Flute, the first opera either of us had seen.  It just so happened to be C’s birthday, so her husband and mother had flown in, which was a treat.  We had dinner with Aunt M and J before the show, and afterwards we got to hang out with almost the entire cast.  In the picture below, C is on the left.
  • T had a great time in NYC with NW, though their research problem is proving frustrating.  I told him about my mom’s tradition of bringing me back a chocolate croissant from any big city she visited, so he brought me back three croissants from some of NYC’s best patisseries. Yum.
  •  Friends C&K visited, and it was great to see them for snippets of time between graduation parties and ceremonies.  We got to meet all of K’s family who came to town at fun celebration dinner for M.
  • T left once again to go to CA the same day K went to Philly for work.  K’s trip was uneventful, but T’s was a lot of fun as he visited with friends in a week culminated by A&M’s wedding.  A is in the middle below with a group of T’s friends from Stanford and especially from Stanford intramurals.  

Looking forward to:

  • Sister A visiting for a work conference this week, starting tomorrow!
  • A new friend R who will be staying in our house during upcoming travel as she settles in Houston and find a permanent place to live.  She arrives Saturday.  Project for the week: find some closet space!
  • Quick trip for K to ATL, where sister A lives, for work.
  • HONEYMOON/work trip to Europe–spending time in Paris (both); Aachen, Cologne, and Frankfurt, Germany (Kari); and Heraklion, Santorini, and Athens, Greece (both, though T will be in Heraklion for a week before I arrive from Germany).  We did go on a week-long trip to the mountains of NC after the wedding, but we’ve looked forward to this European adventure as our “real” honeymoon all along since T was invited to speak at a conference in Greece one year ago.  We’re finalizing all the details now!

What are your thoughts?

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