Lately, April 2012.

What T&K have been up to:

  • Hosted a St. Patrick’s Day Dinner
  • Visited the ATL (Sister A, Friends G, C, and J, and Mrs. C)
  • Joined our church
  • Hosted T’s parents and sister for Easter  (the guest room is looking good!)
  • Hosted friend C from St. Louis for a weekend and ran the Blue Bell Fun Run together (unlimited Blue Bell ice cream at the end!)
  • Celebrated T’s 29th birthday along with his friend S, who shares his birthday week
  • Survived (almost) a week apart as K attended a work conference in SF (I am headed back to T tomorrow morning!)

What T&K are getting ready for:

  • A quick trip to Dallas for T’s cousin C’s opera performance with the Dallas Opera Company (fancy, huh? I married into a cool and musical family!)
  • T’s trip to NYC for research and visiting with friend/collaborator NW
  • C&K visiting from Boston for her sister’s graduation
  • T’s trip to CA for M&A’s wedding and more research
  • Potential trip for K to Philly for work
  • A work trip visit from K’s sister A

A few picture highlights of the past month:

St. Patrick’s Day outfits.  🙂

The only picture I took in ATL.  The impressive contents of sister A’s purse, a.k.a the medicine cabinet.

The Fun Run.

S and T getting ready to chow down on their huge birthday pizza.



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