The 95/100 or 3/4 Grand Tour

Following up on my overwhelmingly popular 1/3 or 3/4 Grand Tour (15 page views, baby!), I present our updated and much more livable apartment.

I asked T how “finished” the he thought the decoration of the apartment is and was surprised that he didn’t answer, “It’s complete.”  He said 95%.

I’d say we’re about about 75% there.  His 5% probably includes the last few boxes we haven’t gotten around to unpacking, and my 25% includes making/buying curtains, rearranging furniture, buying a side chair for the living room, making some art off of Pinterest, adding throw pillows, totally overhauling the guest room, and doing a lot of organizing of my random piles of stuff.  But we agree on one thing: we love living here.

Starting off the tour is the ever-lovely kitchen.  I’m not sure what else to say.  It’s just a nice kitchen.  Minus our cluttered fridge.

Another view of the kitchen, the window over the sink.  One of my favorite kitchen details that I actually added is the turquoise planter that I use to hold the soaps and sponge.  Cute, right?

Appropriate for today, some refrigerator art from T using our leftover wedding favors:

From the kitchen, we walk into the dining room.  This picture shows one of many random decor items that were left in the the house, the metalwork over the doorway.  I am continually grateful that the apartment is just plain nice and there is a lot to work with as I go about making it homier for us.

The dining room is already undergoing a makeover since I took these pictures Sunday evening.  But here it is in its former glory.  We are liking our new West Elm table and chairs.  The table expands to seat 8-10, which was one of our major requirements for a table.  You can see how the dining room is a central connecting point of the house, where one must walk to come in from the carport/laundry/kitchen.  It is also the first room you see when walking in from the front door, the bottom corner of which you can see in the top right of the picture below.

Because it’s such a central room, we’ve talked about and rearranged this room several times.  We love the buffet shown, but it’s big and clashes with a wine cabinet (not pictured) that we don’t love but find extremely functional.  Also you can see a glimpse in the mirror of the above picture that we temporarily hung the chalkboards used for our wedding guest photo book above the buffet.  The temporary hanging turned into 4 months.  I will show the re-design soon.  Gotta keep you coming back, all 15 of you!

Enough about the dining room–on to the living room!

We are liking our new West Elm sectional and jute rug.  We want to get a side chair, but the extra dining chairs make do for now.  Friends from California will recognize our coffee table (a $5 garage sale score from 2008) and the gorgeous EMorganStudios landscape.  Below is the desk area I’ve set up also in the living room to allow me to work from home easier and catch the paper clutter rather than the kitchen table.  T would like the desk to actually function as a usable space and not only be a paper-catcher.  Good idea, honey.  🙂

Another view of the living area from the vantage point of the couch.  Pictured is T’s new TV, my wedding present to him and his first flat-screen.  Sports Center never looked so good.

Our bathroom hasn’t changed much except for a few accessories and some controversial gold sheer floor-length curtains.  Can you say, “Throne?”  (Planning to hem these to window-length rather than their current full-length.  Maybe.)

A favorite accessory: this sweet sketch of a wedding outside Stanford Memorial Chapel, a shower present from my sister, baby K, framed by a great find from the Guild Shop (8×8 frames are not easy to come by!).  And the clearance-table Anthro dish that helps feminize the otherwise-masculine space.

Our guest room has been rearranged.  We repurposed T’s old kitchen table and couch as an office space for him where he can close the door for Skype sessions with his collaborators.  I still don’t like the color of the room or that there’s no unified design in the space, but it works for now.  It’s also a great place for us to shove the stuff into we don’t know what to do with (see boxes in background below).

Oh look, here’s a husband on the tour!  This is another favorite place for him to do math.  This hasn’t changed from his bachelor days.

I’m not sure if I’d hung the art from Vietnam shown in part below as of my first post.  Other than that, the bedroom hasn’t changed a whole lot.

One way the bedroom has changed is that I organized my jewelry in one corner.  Ironically on top of T’s dresser.  Isn’t it pretty?

I used art paper from Texas Art Supply to cover a cork board for the necklaces and found an antique mirror from—take a wild guess–the Guild Shop!  I am not sure what to do with the excessive number of jewelry boxes.  They all are pretty and were given to me by special people.  Ideas would be appreciated.

Oh look, there’s a wife!

And a husband’s feet in his spiffy new sneakers.

Raise your hand if you love the full-length mirror.  Yep, I thought so.  Guild Shop.  Where else?  I also love the clothes basket T’s mother picked out for him as a bachelor.  It’s pretty and large and makes laundry time a little happier.  The rug was another West Elm purchase that we got on a great sale.

As I show you to the door to leave, I’ll point out the slightly-more-organized laundry room.  We still have a pile of things we’re not sure where to store or what to do with.

And, a quirk: our landlord replaced the dryer, which was stacked on top of the washer.  When they took the old dryer away, there was nothing to cover the washer with.  Instead of keeping the old dryer just to cover the washer, we opted to have them remove it in hopes that the landlord would get a cover for it.  No such luck so far, but we are grateful for the spiffy new dryer.  (Oh, and don’t you love the over-the-door ironing board?  I wish that my love for it transferred to actual ironing, but not yet.)

Thanks for stopping by!  See you again soon!


3 thoughts on “The 95/100 or 3/4 Grand Tour

  1. I’m evidently a little behind on your blog posts, but I very much liked this one! I can just hear you talking as I read it, which is so lovely. And also, because I got a shout out! Yeah!

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