Houston Hits.

Today was a good Houston day, and I am inspired to write about a few of the things we’re I’m enjoying so far in this new city of ours.

  1. Inversion Coffee Shop. It’s the closest and also one of the trendiest coffee shops in the city.  Today, I decided I’d grab a pastry there for a Friday work-from-home breakfast treat.  I didn’t end up leaving the house until after 11 and was greeted by a food truck. Mini blue cheese burgers topped with onions and bacon with a side of sweet potato fries, washed down by some bubbly water?  Yep.
  2. Texas Art Supply. Just next door to Inversion is a giganto-huge art store.  I’ve gone there to buy a bulletin board and glue and a metallic marker for Christmas cards.  It’s a little intimidating because I can tell that lots of the customers are *for real* artists, while I am simply debating the merits of Elmer’s vs Tacky Glue.  But they have an amazing selection of most things crafty.
  3. Phoenicia Market. They have a pita factory in the middle of the store–need I say more?  OK, I will.  Phoenicia is a Mediterranean market located in downtown, the little sister of a much larger, more warehouse-like store in West Houston.  Both stores carry a variety of spices, nuts, produce, meat.  What I really love is their deli where you can get an interesting meal from a huge selection of freshly-prepared dishes.  And, they have 8-10 different types of feta.  That is just weird.  Who needs 10 kinds of feta?  Oh, and free parking in a busy downtown area.  Nice.
  4. The Variety of Grocery Stores.  With HEB, Kroger, Randall’s, Whole Foods, SuperTarget and Fiesta all in walking distance or a short drive, we’re feeling pretty spoiled.
  5. Buffalo Bayou Park

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