Funny but Terrible Customer Service Story

One of my best friends, C, she of wedding cake fame, posted this article on her fab blog today:

It is a pretty funny story, in which I play a small part.  (She credits me for her inspiration to get Anthro salad plates and a coordinating neutral plate set, and I was there once when she received one of four totally incorrect packages from Macy’s online store.)

Also, getting married throws you into CONSUMER WORLD in no small measure.  From registering to returning gifts to working with vendors to setting up a house, I’m almost ready to retreat into that commune in the woods.  I’ve almost finished with the loose ends of customer service run-ins related to wedding gifts. Yay.  So I commiserate with C.  Thanks for sharing your story, pretty friend!

P.S. C reports that she’s gotten two referrals for her cake business because of our wedding cake pictures that were posted on Yelp!  So happy to share the cake love.


What are your thoughts?

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