Today, T and I are enjoying a blessed day of rest around the house. We enjoyed our time home over the holidays, but it is nice to get back into our routine. The Houston weather has been gorgeous this week, reminding us of our time in California when the rest of the nation might be having cruddy weather, but it’s 70 degrees and blue skies for us, baby!

This afternoon, we went for a jog up to Buffalo Bayou park, played some spikeball, and jogged home. When we arrived, T decided to conquer the last of the tangerines that have been hiding 10 feet up in our front yard tree.

We have been pleasantly surprised by our prolific tangerine tree. It began bearing juicy, sweet fruit in November, and it has given us and our downstairs neighbor A hundreds of delightful snacks. We were feeling a little guilty with how many and how freely we were eating until we heard from A that he had picked enough to make 20 jars of tangerine marmalade!

Picking fruit, making tangerine-banana-kiwi smoothies, and enjoying a laid-back day out of doors–an ironically summery day that was just what we needed to kick-start January productivity.


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