Our trip to Tennessee: A G-Chat Conversation Update

My sister A and I have G-chat conversations that tend toward hyperbole.
A: Is tn so great!?
me: i’m having fun
  i had a conf call so t got to bond [with our niece and nephew]
  when we were driving away, he said, “i kindof forgot that i was an uncle”
 then guess what happened last night
A: haha how exciting!
  oh gosh I just have no idea
 me: i texted L to see what they have going on this week
  and we planned for dinner friday, but she said “are you coming tonight?”
A: mmhmm…
me: and i said what do u mean
  and she said
  and then i got a phone call!
  from J. K.
  and guess what
  the K’s were having a going away party
 A: I just cannot handle it all
 me: LAST NIGHT for the m’s and the n’s
 A: whoa!!!
 me: and we GOT TO GO!!
A: how great!!
me: it was really fun!
  did you know they are moving to China?
 A: were they all just so excited to see you?!
  yep I did
  what city, btw?
 me: yes i think everyone was happy to see us, and i was shaking with excitement when i got there.
  it was so fun.
  They are going to shanghai.
  i’m going to go visit them.
we’re going to find a conference for T to go to.
So, in summary, we got to see our niece and nephew and sister-in-law H for a while, T got to experience some unfamiliar but fun “uncle time,” and we got to crash a party for some very good friends of ours in Kingsport who are moving to China for two years.What a happy day!

What are your thoughts?

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