Onward to Tennessee.

Note: This post was written two days ago but somehow got saved as a draft.

If you’re a robber in Houston, don’t read this.

Ok, for the rest of you: we’re vacating our place until December 31.  Actually, we HAVE VACATED.  I’m currently using in-flight-wifi mid-way between Atlanta and Nashville.  Woo.  Two-and-a-half week vacation!!  Not quite, but close.  We’ll still be working for the most part during the day, and then we’ll visit with family during the evening.  For two days, I’ll be doing volunteer work with T’s family, and my company gives me the time off for that.  Because they’re nice.

When you take two weeks off for a little thing called a wedding, this is a pretty great deal of being able to go home without needing too much vacation time to take.

I’m excited about

  • seeing people
  • experiencing the holiday as a married person, seeing T’s joy in a new way
  • great food

What are your thoughts?

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