Glassware: Obsession or Normal?

I am having fun setting up our little house.  One of the most fun parts is getting our kitchen fully functional.  For example, I still don’t have a pizza cutter.  This is a problem–we’ve now had people over 4 times for dinner and 2 of those times we served homemade pizzas.

One thing that I do think I have enough of is glasses.  We started out registering for these beauties from Anthropologie.

I like these a LOT!  Why?

  1. Pretty, vintage look
  2. Nice colors
  3. Fun to touch with all the bumpies
  4. Baby K bought them for us as a wedding gift.

We are torn on whether we like the design at the bottom, since it causes the last bit of liquid to get stuck and/or splash your face BUT the liquid does make cool sound effects.

The only major problem with these is that, at 15 ounces, they are too large to be our all-the-time glasses.  I don’t need 15 ounces of orange juice in the morning, and neither does T (though he’d wouldn’t complain).  In my search for juice glasses that I liked equally well, there were no good options at our registry location (Bed, Bath, and Beyond), and Anthropologie seemed too expensive.  Somehow in my mind, a 15 oz glass that you set on the table for dinner could cost $10, but an orange juice glass needed to be $5 or less.

So, there we were, October 2.  First morning in our new apartment after the honeymoon.  Drinking 15 ounces each of orange juice.  Pondering where we could find a more reasonable option.  Enter, the Guild Shop.

The Guild Shop is a well-organized, well-run thrift shop with a constant rotation of wares less than a mile from my house.  Blessing or major problem?  Not sure yet.  During  my very first visit there with my middle sister A, I found these lovelies:

Aren’t they sweet?  They are the perfect size for juice, and they are pretty too!  And, of course, being from a thrift shop meant that the price was great.  I can’t remember exactly what I paid for them, but I think it was $11 for a set of 10, 7 of the shorter glasses and 3 of the taller ones.

The odd numbers didn’t bother me except that I’m not sure how to ever find more of them.  There are enough for just me and T to have juice with breakfast every day without having to run the dishwasher too frequently.  But, I did think we could possibly do with a few more, especially since everything we have now must last us for 25+ years and I can never ever buy anything else for the house. (Not sure why I have this weird and incorrect notion in the back of my mind all the time.  Please psychoanalyze and let me know.)

And then I went back to the Guild Shop.  My new friend E had never been there, so we needed to make a stop while we were out and about.  And I saw these:

$16 for 10–4 large, 6 small.  They not only LOOK vintage, they ARE vintage.  Yep.  Pretty awesome.

I present to you for the very first time the T&K Happy Glassware family:

Now, we are planning to build an extra kitchen in our rental unit to house my glassware collection.  Normal, right?  T loves the idea.


What are your thoughts?

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