First Roadtrip!

I’ve had several things on my mind to blog about.

1. Thanksgiving recap.

2. Proof I’m getting old.

3. Our duplex being put up for sale.

But this morning, I need to write about how great my husband is: we’re going on our first roadtrip this weekend!  We’re celebrating the end of T’s teaching semester (I can’t say that he’s done with work–as he says, “The work of a researcher is never done”) and visiting old friends in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

We have a surprising number of friends and acquaintances in DFW.  A good girlfriend from high school, college, and my time in California live there.  We’ll be hanging out with E from the cake post. We’ll be staying with college friends M&L and their new baby C one night (using hotel points the other night since we’re getting in late).  We also hope to stop in at high school friend B’s house to meet both her new husband and new daughter (by marriage) and newborn son and introduce them to T for the first time.

Yes, having a husband who plans an impromptu roadtrip with me is pretty great, but the cutest thing about the whole thing is what he did this morning.  I work from home on Friday.  There are two standing conference calls each Friday morning, and I am usually on mute, making coffee and eating breakfast, etc, while I listen in.

Since I was already multitasking beyond my limited capacity (eating and listening), I didn’t really notice what T was doing until he was walking out the door with a cooler and his suitcase.

“Where’s the Diet Coke?’

T doesn’t drink Diet Coke.  I wonder what he’s doing.

“In the cabinet.”

I look down, see that he has packed a cooler of food and drinks for us for the car on our roadtrip.  Then, after he left, I checked the bedroom and saw that he’d also gotten down my small suitcase so I could pack it for the weekend.

What a good husband.


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