How to Keep a Home Tip #1: Mineral Oil

Disclaimer: we’re newlyweds, and we don’t actually know much about keeping a home.  There is a practical piece of advice buried in this post, but we don’t have much useful knowledge for the world yet.

As T and I set up our home, we are finding that we know some things and we don’t know some things.  We are glad to be renting for now so we can pass off the really tough stuff to the landlord!

Two nights ago brought us to the dilemma of: “Gee, this beautiful acacia wood cutting board isn’t looking as nice as it did out of the box.  I think you can put oil on it after you wash it to restore the surface. I wonder what kind?”

We turned to trusty Google and found out that mineral oil is the best bet.  (My initial hunch was to use olive oil, which is ill-advised due to the possibility of it turning rancid.)  During my weekly visit to Bed Bath and Beyond the next day, I checked the cutting board section to find a 12 oz bottle of mineral oil for $6.99.  My “this is way overpriced” alert went off, so I put it back on the shelf and walked on to find something I really needed, like a 20-piece magnetic photo holder set for the fridge on sale for $9.99.  Sweet!

Later, at HEB, I began to roam the aisles for mineral oil.  I had never purchased mineral oil before, but I felt like it would be sold in a supermarket..somewhere.  First, I checked the cooking oil aisle.  Nope.  Then, I checked the cleaning section.  Nope.  Then, T got frustrated and left me as I roamed the aisle not really explaining what I was looking for.

Finally, I roamed the pharmacy section (which is really big at the new HEB!).  I had an idea that it would be with the generic stuff like hydrogen peroxide.  When I wasn’t turning up olive oil on my cursory glances up and down the aisles, I looked again to the internet to solve my problem, “Windows phone search, ‘Mineral Oil in Grocery Store.”  Somehow (not sure how), this search led me to the correct section.  The laxative section.

Now, for a mere $1.78, we can have both beautiful cutting boards and medicinal mineral oil in case my cooking turns south!


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