Home again.

To celebrate being home with T, I will make a list (inspired by my friend K’s lists) of what I’m thankful for this week.

11.13: Worshiping at Grace Pres and  visiting my old CG.

11.14: Breakfasting with friend J after a night at their beautiful new home in Pleasanton; not getting accosted when the cash-only taxi in Vegas brought me to an ATM at a strip mall full of nude clubs.

11.15: Learning from a full day of work training on project management skills with my colleagues; not dying at gokart racing.

11.16: Being reminded of areas that I can improve at work, gaining new motivation there, which has been tough after the minor distraction of getting married and moving and now being isolated from others in my same function at work.

11.17: Arriving home to T!

11.18: Checking out with a friendly worker at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and a hot date to the new HEB grocery store in our neighborhood to buy our Thanksgiving bird!

11.19: Sitting on the couch in my PJs at 12:42 PM


What are your thoughts?

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