I love days like this!

So much symmetry, it makes my heart glad.

I am sitting at my dear friend J’s house, working remotely, and savoring my time in Cali.  This trip seems sufficiently long enough to work out my wanderlust and teach me to stay near T’s side more consistently.  I will have slept in 6 beds and one airplane for a red eye flight during my 10 nights away.

Highlights thus far:

  1. Pastries w/ C at Tartine and Miette in SF
  2. Visit w/ MK, J, and F in Emeryville.
  3. Work dinner w/ customers at Cotogna in SF, served family-style.  Best dish: warm ricotta with acorn squash and browned butter
  4. Chili supper with 5 girlfriends last night at J’s, complete with lots of giggles.  It’s good to have friends!
What I’m looking forward to:
  1. Dessert party tonight at K & S’s apartment.
  2. College Game Day at the Farm!  I’m totally there, 6AM sharp, tomorrow.
  3. Visit with my former Grace Pres community group on Sunday night.
  4. Sleepover w/ the D family at their new house (which I haven’t seen yet) before I’m off to Vegas on Monday for work.

What are your thoughts?

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