Whoa buddy. I hope this blog survives.

September was crazy.  Also all those months leading up to September were crazy.  We got engaged in March, I spent a month traveling for work, I spent a month planning a wedding, I spent a few months having showers/moving/meeting Trailer Dan/finding an apartment/going to marriage counseling.  And finally one big smashing wonderful wedding.

October has been so different.  October 1–arrive in Houston.  Commence cooking, settling, making our little nest, moving into the office, and cleaning the bathroom on a regular Saturday morning schedule.  I have felt a little stressed but it’s been a nice, good “we’re married and life is different” sort of stress.  And in the midst of that, this blog was born.

November looks like this:

Nov 7-Nov 14–San Francisco and Palo Alto for a week of visits and work meetings.

Nov 14-Nov 17–Las Vegas for a group meeting for work

Nov 22-26–My parents and sisters are coming in town for Thanksgiving with us in Houston

Nov 28-Dec 2–Back in San Francisco for a work conference.

The toilet may never get cleaned again.

I hope there is time during the crazy to keep updating the blog! Until then, off to Cali today!


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