The Horse Cow Man

I don’t want to make an official call yet, but it looks like we may be starting to make some friends.  I have documentation of one of them: the Horse Cow Man.

50% Horse

50% Cow

50% Man

Last night, we were invited to the house of T’s friend (the Horse Cow Man) from Bible study to have chili and hand out candy to the crazy trick-or-treaters in their neighborhood.  His wife is a sweetheart.  I have never seen a woman nine months pregnant and so happy, helpful, and energetic.  She is a wonder.  She is due to deliver their first child this week, but last night she played hostess to 5 or 6 couples who came by for dinner and children-in-costume-watching.

Tonight, I was able to hang out with Mrs. Horse Cow Man again and also go to a running club with my coworker M. Mrs. HCM wanted to hear about how T and I met. It is good to feel known in a small way in a city that is foreign.

We are blessed.

P.S. Dinner update from last week: there were 7 ladies total. 5 married, 2 single; 4 in their 30s, 2 in their 50s, and me. They were all lovely company.

P.P.S. Check out this neat math- and music-related video from another new friend in Houston, one of T’s colleagues:


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