Make New Friends but Keep the Old

I like making friends.  But I don’t like being in a situation where I need to make friends.

In Houston, I need to make friends.  Or die.*

Tonight, I’m going to an event at church called “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner.”  Ladies from the church make full meals and open their homes.  The participants are split between the homes with 8 women total at each home.  And then, you eat.  And talk.

And, I hope, make new friends!!!  Best women’s ministry event ever.  We don’t even have to listen to someone giving a talk about something.

I am anxious to meet the ladies tonight.  What will they be like?  Younger, older?  Married, single?  Busy as a bee or relatively free schedule?  Will they like me?  Will they be my friends?

*Good news: I don’t think I’m going to actually die here.  Slowly but surely, we are getting to know people.  There is another younger lady at work who is very friendly and helpful.  I may start a standing Tuesday night walking date with a wife of  T’s Bible study friend while the guys attend Bible study.  The Stanford RUF intern’s best friend lives in Houston, and we are going to brunch Saturday.  Another married lady that T has met at church just emailed me to go to coffee.  T has guy friends, but they’re gross boys.


One thought on “Make New Friends but Keep the Old

  1. Sure glad you are doing this. you need to keep it up because we don’t get to talk much anymore. This way I can know what is happening in your life. I wasn’t really too worrie about you making friends. Didn’t think you would die in Houston, either. We need a blog follow-up on ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.’


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