You can now call me an Owl

I’m not sure if I should be as excited about today’s events as I am.  I became a Rice University Owl.  I didn’t even know this was going to happen today, and now I’m all official.  What an exciting day!

It started quite innocently.  I wanted to join the gym at Rice University, where T works.  He already has a membership at the gym, so we called over to see what I needed to do.  They said I needed an ID card, so T and I trekked over to the Rice Police Department to get one.

Look! Isn’t it cool?!?  (Hair notwithstanding.)

Then, we signed me up for the gym.

THEN, I found out that I could use the LIBRARY.  Do you love libraries?  Me too.  I love them.  After working from T’s office and attending his class this afternoon, I went to the library and checked out two books and a DVD.  One of the books is the third in the Stieg Larsson series, the first two of which I finished earlier this week.  They had two copies available, which pretty much seals the deal.  The Rice Library and I are going to get along just fine.

The other very cool thing that happened today at Rice was getting a (FREE!) parking permit to park in the best lots available on nights and weekends and some 2nd tier lots for free during the week.  Faculty don’t get free parking.  T bikes to work.  But as a community associate for Will Rice College (which I am through T being a Faculty Associate there), I get a free pass.

The associate system is set up for faculty and community members to interact with undergraduate students in the Rice University colleges.  The college system at Rice is the same as what one would find in England or Harry Potter.  The college is their residence, their social outlet, and what they tend to feel most attached to post-graduation more than the school as a whole.  T and I can go to lunch with the students in their dining hall any time we’d like.  T, an ultimate frisbee player, also takes advantage of participating in Will Rice’s intramural sports.  The other teams say, “Hey, no fair! You can’t have a grad student on your team!”  Will Rice replies, “We don’t.  We have faculty.”

As long as T stays in academia, I know we’ll enjoy the perks of being in and around a university campus.


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